Pros And Cons Of Forbrukslån(Consumer Loans)

Some people live under the erroneous assumption that loans are evil. The truth of the matter is that loans have been known to save the day and also to mar a person’s financial destiny. The issue here is the management of the line of credit.

There are different categories of loans with the most common being the consumer credits. These can either be backed by collateral or not. As one who is looking to borrow money for whatever reason, you need to do your research to know all about the type of loan you want. Do not just jump into a financial agreement with anyone.

If the sum you are looking to get is high, your best bet may be a secured loan (one that is backed by collateral). But if the amount you need isn’t too high, you may look into getting unsecured loan. You can get financial advice about forbrukslån uten sikkerhet at businessmodulehub (consumer loans without collateral) and other credible finance platforms.

In this article, to add a layer of knowledge to your research, we will share the pros and cons of consumer loans.


Like we mentioned earlier, credit advance can be a saving grace in time of need or emergency. Times like these show the advantages of credit facilities and how they make like easier for people. Below are some of these reasons


Consumer loans are flexible solutions in times of financial difficulty. These credits can either be open- end or closed- end. These refer to the how you can borrow the funds (the method allowed).

With open- end loans, you can access whatever amount you want to a certain pre-set limit after which you repay at an agreed date. Credit cards and debit cards are great examples of this type of credit facility.

Closed end on the other hand involves borrowing an amount of money and paying back over a period of time. Mortgages and auto loans are in this category. This makes consumer loans flexible as you can get any type that works best for you.

Numerous Lenders Are Available

There are countless sources from whom you can get this credit facility and the good thing is that you can get multiple loans from different lenders. For example if you have a capital project say renovating your home, you can get a loan from a bank.  At the same time you can also approach a credit union for some funds to offset a minor expense.

Processing Time Is Shorter

Getting consumer loans is not always as tedious as getting credit facility for business or capital projects. Especially with personal credit, you can start the process and get your funds in as quick as 24 hours.


Just as with everything in life, consumer loans have some disadvantages. We will discuss the most common two below:-

One Can Get Into Debt

Due to the ease with which one can get these credits and the multiplicity of lenders, there is the tendency for the borrower to become carried away. Having extra money in one’s bank balance has a way of boosting morale. But the truth is that the day of reckoning will surely come.

Once you become used to the idea of getting out of a bind with a loan, you run the risk of not planning your finances well.  A credit card maxed out, a small credit from a credit union and another small one from an online lender and before you know it, you are neck deep in debt.

Comes With Tax Disadvantage

Most people do not know that the interest they pay on consumer loans do not come with tax cuts- this means they are not tax-deductible. So because the loans you took out are for personal use, you’ll have to pay it off with interest and also pay your taxes. This means that it is best for you to take out just the sum you need and nothing extra. Try as much as possible to curtail your borrowing.

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Factors to Consider Before Taking Out a Loan

The following are things you should consider before you sign on the dotted lines of a loan agreement:-

Is the Loan Absolutely Necessary?

Deep contemplation is required before you decide that taking out a loan is the best option. Consider whether you can move your finances around to get the issue sorted or not.

How Much Do You Need?

When you come to the conclusion that the credit is absolutely necessary, then decide on the amount needed. Ensure that you do not go above the amount needed. Lenders have a way of making tempting offers that can make you forget that you have to repay the money. Do not fall into the trap of taking out more than the amount you need.

What Is Your Repayment Plan?

Before you take out a loan, you must have a repayment plan in place. Never make the mistake of taking out credit facility without knowing how you will repay. That is a recipe for financial disaster.


We have shared the pros and cons of consumer loans and some factors to consider before taking out one. We believe these tips will help you stay out of financial trouble so never forget them.